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Mentor for unemployed
and newly arrived citizens

Mentor for unemployed in match 1-2
CareCompagniet offers mentors in accordance with the Act on Active Employment Efforts, chapter 9b, §31b.

Our mentors can be used to promote people’s abilities to obtain or retain activities, offers, ordinary education, and employment in flex jobs or regular employment.

Our mentors support the unemployed in structuring their everyday life to enable them to return to the labour market as well as use and widen their network, which for instance can be through contact with various unions and companies.  We also focus on motivational conversations in order for the unemployed to be motivated and maintained in the desire to achieve employment or education.

There are some of the unemployed that are offered a mentor in connection with the allocation of a vocational rehabilitation programme and through this, there may be a need for a focus both on the psychological and physical challenges that may be in the way of linking to the labour market.

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Mentor for newly arrived citizens
CareCompagniet offers mentors in accordance with the Section 4 of the Danish Act on Integration of Foreigners in Denmark, §23d.

It is possible to assign a mentor to newcomers under the Integration Act in order to promote integration and have a successful establishment in Danish society. Here, the mentors have a special focus on assisting and helping the citizens with integrating into Danish society while ensuring contact with the Danish authorities in terms of ensuring that the citizen checks his/hers e-Boks on a regular basis, applies for relevant services, participates in Danish lessons, etc. In addition, in some cases, there may be a need for mentors supporting the citizens during medical examinations – of both physical and mental nature.

Our mentors additionally have relevant experience with motivating and supporting newly arrived citizens in expanding their network in Denmark in terms of being proactive in finding unions or events that are relevant to the citizen. Hereafter to be a support and motivator when the citizen at some point must start their work placement/business placement. The mentor also supports the citizens in relation to linguistic and cultural barriers. By doing so, it ensures fewer misunderstanding and better cooperation between the citizen and the municipality.

We adjust the assignment according to the actual needs. If you have any further questions or would like a certain offer, please contact CareCompagniet. All tasks at CareCompagniet are handled with a minimum of 5 hours per week.

Do you have any questions? Please feel free to call or write to us.

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