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Project Noang Hai

The province town Noang Hai in the Democratic Republic of Laos is a state in Souetheast Asia that borders with Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and China.

Over half of the population are originally Laots, who initially immigrated from China and Tibet. The rest of the population consists of different mountain tribes including Hmong, while there are also Vietnamese and Chinese minorities living in the cities. Although Laos is a former French colony, only a few of the inhabitants still speak French. It appears that English is the most spoken language. More than half of the Laots are Buddhists while others either believe in the forces of nature or their ancestors. Approximately 80% of the country’s 2.5 million children live in poverty with limited access to school, poor health and malnutrition.

A large majority of Laos’ minors live in poverty and dissatisfaction. These children live under poor living conditions and often do not have the possibility of going to school. Thus, a lot of them are forced to engage in child labour, sales of narcotics, juvenile delinquency, drug abuse, prostitution and trafficking of women and children abroad. In the school Noang Hai, there are 80 students in different classes and six teachers.

The pupils who are admitted to the school all have low standards of living. Many of the children and their families live in poverty. The school works under primitive conditions however, the teachers manage to create a friendly teaching environment where the children feel secure and welcome. The teachers have gotten use to teaching without tools such as books, rulers, compasses, calculators, notebooks, etc. The teachers and the students are not able to develop as the basic teaching tools are not available to them. This is a massive problem for the school that the teachers and pupils also draw close attention to. The primary schools in Laos do not receive any financial state aid.

The residents and parents of the city who are associated to the school pay for school expenses despite their difficult financial situation. However, the families are much aware of the importance of their children’s education and therefore pay the necessary fees. As the fees that the parents are able to pay to the school are considerably low, the teachers often teach without getting paid. The teachers however are incredibly committed and persistent in supporting the children and ensuring that they attend school on a daily basis.

CareCompagniet has supported the school Noang Hai with 100 school uniforms and teaching materials for all of the pupils. All pupils have also received notebooks, pencil cases, rulers, compasses, pencils, and erasers. We have also provided the school with a lot of new and necessary school books to ensure that they have access to new forms of knowledge and have the opportunity to further develop their academic abilities. All teachers have calculators and other materials that are necessary to completing their teaching. Furthermore, all six teachers are supported with a monthly salary for their committed effort to teach the children.

Going forward, there is a continuing collaboration between CareCompagniet and the school Noang Hai. CareCompagniet supports the school by offering all newly enrolled pupils a starter pack, which consists of a school uniform and associated learning tools. In addition, we find it necessary and relevant to support the older students with continuing on with higher education to enhance their opportunities of a better way of life. The aim is to support the older students who wish to continue with their studies by paying a large portion of their school expenses.

Facts: Population: 6.4 million. Capital: Vientiane. National language: Lao. Access to clean water: 60%. Mortality for children under the age of 5: 61/1000 live births.

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