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Professional methods

CareCompagniet highly emphasizes professionalism and therefore all our employees have an insight into the professional methods that are applied in the municipalities. Our professional insight contributes to a better collaboration between partners and CareCompagniet. This is in turn reflected in the citizen’s development and contributes to creating the final change and the positive results.

We work with the following professionel methods:

  • Integrated Children’s System (ICS)
  • Signs of Safety (SOS)
  • Adult Assessment Method (VUM)
  • The Master Plan

Integrated Children’s System

Integrated Children’s System (ICS) is a social method that is currently used by 88 municipalities according to the National Board of Health and Welfare.

In the municipalities where the ICS method has been implemented, it is used to ensure a systematic and holistic assessment of the child’s needs. The ICS method is illustrated in the ICS triangle below, where each side of the triangle is based on an area that is associated with the child or the young person (NB the ICS-triangle is only in danish).

All of CareCompagniet’s employees have a professional insight into the ICS method and we apply the theory in practice in the tasks that we take on. We have an insight into the municipal procedures for the preparation of the child assessment, which is followed by the action plan. We carry out our work based on the different areas that affect the child’s/family’s well-being and development. Followed by this, we prepare a comprehensive status report based on the various points outlined in the ICS method, but only the points that are considered relevant.

Signs of Safety 

Signs of Safety is a method used to strengthen the interdisciplinary collaboration between families and the professionals that surround the vulnerable children and young people. The method is used in child cases in which the purpose is to develop a collaboration and partnership with the family about a solution that can ensure safety and well-being for the child. It is a concrete tool that focuses on protection factors and on creating a foundation for a balanced risk assessment of the child and the family. The method is based on an acknowledged, resource- and solution-focused approach.

CareCompagniet’s employees have a professional insight into the Signs of Safety Method. Thus, the employee has the opportunity to support the child and the family safety factors and through this contribute to providing the best conditions for development and well-being.

Adult Assessment Method

The Adult Assessment Method is a social method for case management and investigation in the area of disability and vulnerable adults. The purpose of the method is to improve the academic and regulatory quality of the case process on the individual citizen as well as to establish a coherent and holistic approach where the citizen is at the centre of the task. The method is also there to ensure that the case proces follows a number of key standards that are in line with good case processing.

CareCampagniet’s employees have a professional insight into the Adult Assessment Method and thus have a clear insight into how the municipal process in the field of disability and vulnerable adult area is carried out. Based on their insight and knowledge of the adult assessment method, CareCompagniet’s employees have the opportunity to support the individual citizen as much as possible in the process.

The Master Plan

The Master Plan is a comprehensive plan that is aimed for citizens over the age of 18 who, due to a reduced physical or psychological functional ability, need support for development and compensation. The focus of the Master Plan is the individual citizen’s developmental perspective so that the citizen is supported in the direction of a greater control of their own life.

CareCompagniet’s employees have a professional insight into the Master Plan and the municipal process. CareCompagniet works on the basis of the Master Plan when working with citizens with a reduced physical or mental function with certain social problems.

CareCompagniet is based on the individual citizen’s need for support and works towards making the citizen as independent with the result of gaining control over their own lives. The goal is to maintain or improve the citizen’s physical, mental or social functions.

The Master Plan supports the five social policy benchmarks that form the basis of our methodological work:

  • Clarification of the citizen’s resources and issues with subsequent action.
  • Based on the citizen’s functional level, support is provided to rehabilitate the citizen’s competencies for the purpose of education, employment, housing and leisure.
  • Focus on maintaining the citizen in complying with agreements, maintaining activities as well as learning to create a structured framework in their daily life.
  • Provide support to the citizen with the aim of expanding networks as well as other social relationships.
  • Motivate the citizen to be part of society and develop new skills or interests.

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